SCAS II Collision Avoidance System


Caplamp with RF radio

Providing early perimeter warning notification can give vehicle operators and pedestrians a head start in deciding how to maneuver during or before the critical decision making period.
The SCAS II Collision Warning System uses dual-band RF Technology to very accurately warn a vehicle operator that either a vehicle, pedestrian and/or a fixed hazard are in one of the three configurable warning zones.

The system will also indicate the orientation of the potential hazard with regard to the front, rear, left or right of the vehicle. The system can also be configured to force the vehicle into crawl mode or emergency stop.

Pedestrians in turn will be warned of approaching vehicles as well as possible hazard areas by means of a very effective LED warning device and audible alarm.
The system allows for monitoring and logging of machine vitals and also acts as a vehicle tracking device. All logged information is automatically transferred to the control room at strategic locations while the vehicle is in transit.

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Collision Avoidance System