Lamp Room and Asset Management

The LMS/AMS is a comprehensive database and software suite that offers a total management solution ensuring compliance with DMR regulations regarding all Lamp Room operations.

The system is integrated with the mine’s existing T&A database and a passive RFID solution. This allows for the implementation of business rules that would block a person from going underground if he does not have all his safety critical equipment with him.

The system can also verify that all safety critical equipment that are subjected to functional testing are in good working order before allowing access to the underground environment. Furthermore a person can be contained in the Lamp Room if he does not return all his equipment after shift. The system therefore enhances both safety and security of the daily operations. An extensive variety of reports are available that include amongst many a daily exception report and backup shaft clearance report. The system configuration also offers remote client access which allows management staff to generate these reports from the comfort of their office.

Asset and lamproom Management System Overview
Asset Management System Overview