Lighting Technologies

A characteristic of underground lighting mining operations is that, as we move from the surface to the interior, the darkness becomes more complete, which is why lighting is a very important and fundamental factor.

Under these conditions, it may be interesting for mining companies to focus on a key aspect of the production equipment, lighting. It is crucial, in underground mines, to have safe and efficient lighting. We supply high optical performance luminaries adapted to underground mines. These certified light fixtures meet the highest safety standards and are explosion proof.

Schauenburg Lighting Technologies (SLT) is the leading energy efficient lighting technology systems and solution supplier in the mining industry.

We are committed to being the leader in innovative design, engineering and manufacturing of the highest quality products in the mine lighting industry.

SLT Catalogue

SCH105_SLT Catalogue pr1g

The catalogue above features important information and specifications about our products as well as information on the following products in the SLT solution:

  • Combination rack for LED caplamps
  • Stainless steel LED caplamp charging rack
  • The Loco Light charger
  • LED Lighting
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