Location Monitoring

MIMACS RF Technology will measure and report personnel and asset movement from the Lamproom or surface area to the underground place of work, as well as the movement of the pedestrians and assets in the actual underground workings.

Reactive Location Monitoring will provide:

  • Shaft Clearance Reports
  • Level Control
  • Pedestrian Location to Proto/Rescue teams
  • Reactive movement of people and assets

Operations utilizing the SCAS II Collision Awareness System can upgrade to a Mine-Wide Reactive Location Monitoring system by simply installing MIMACS Fixed Controllers in Strategic areas. The RF Data Radio in the caplamp is a common component for Tracking, Collision Warning and Paging/Distress Call function.

The MIMACS Reactive Location Monitoring infrastructure can be used to notify individuals/groups/sections/levels of dangerous or hazardous situations by means of a text message.

Location Monitoring System Overview
Location Monitoring System Overview
Location Monitoring Graphical User Interface
Graphical User Interface