Benefits of Collision Awareness Systems

A Collision Awareness System (CAS) is an integral part of mine safety management tools which helps workers make the right decision at the right time. This system goes beyond proximity detection to increase productivity, improve operator situational awareness, minimize false alarms and mitigate collision risk.

Collision Awareness System is an early-warning system that alerts equipment operators to potential collisions with other CAS-equipped vehicles, helping to improve operator awareness and reduce vehicle-to-vehicle collisions. Predictive algorithms analyze the location, speed and trajectory of all vehicles in the monitored vicinity, generating warnings and alarms only when hazardous or potentially hazardous conditions exist.

Unlike other collision awareness systems on the market, Modular focuses on minimizing false alarms (nuisance alarms) to provide operators with crucial decision-making safety information when necessary.

The Collision Awareness System:

  • Determines a vehicle’s collision risk based on travel speed, instantaneous direction, predicted path and other factors
  • Alerts operators of potential risks without delay, enabling them to take corrective measures to prevent a collision
  • Reduces false alarms with advanced predictive-path and pattern recognition algorithms

Addresses the most common vehicle-to-vehicle collision scenarios, including forward collisions, take-off collisions, head-on collisions, speed limit violations, blind-spots, overtaking, intersections, and more