Lighting Technologies

SLT – Schauenburg Lighting Technologies

Schauenburg Lighting Technologies strives to be the leading distributor of lighting solutions in South Africa by providing reliable, robust and cost effective lighting predominately to the underground mining industry. Product quality and customer satisfaction is our number one priority.

Our SLT Product Ranges consists of the following lighting solutions (each with its own range of peripheral equipment from single point chargers to larger charging racks to suit individual customer needs.)

  • Light weight Caplamps: Schauenburg Safelite and the Cordless Caplamp;
  • Technologically advanced: PTC Caplamp, used in conjunction with our MIMACS system (please see MIMACS for further information);
  • Durable vehicle lighting: Loco Lights;

All SLT Product ranges are built to the highest quality standards, locally and internationally.

Quality, Safety and Reliability

MASC Scheme

  • Product evaluation
  • Visual inspection on products
  • Quality checks on batch samples in accordance with approved procedures.
  • Compliance tests on products
  • Serial number data base on all product for traceability to customers
  • Internal audits to ensure ISO compliance

Product Range

Charging RacksCharging Racks
GDI VirocapGDI Virocap
LOCO LightLOCO Light
CWS CaplampCWS Caplamp
PTC CaplampPTC Caplamp