Mine Wide Integrated Monitoring and Control System

MIMACS Proximity Detection Systems for underground and surface applications
MIMACS Overview

The mining industry has come under increased scrutiny over the safety of personnel in mines and the prevention of situations that contravene the requirements of Sections 54 and 55 of the Mine Health & Safety Act. The drive for enhanced safety in underground mining has initiated the advent of advanced products and information systems that have pioneered the era of underground intelligent mine safety systems.

Schauenburg Systems (Pty) Ltd, an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) for mine safety, offers the services of a system integrator with comprehensive turnkey solutions including a bouquet of multi-disciplinary services and programme management methods required to ensure a successful and cost-effective solution for the full spectrum of mine safety solutions and management.

Schauenburg’s acclaimed “MIMACS” System (Mine Wide Integrated Monitoring and Control System) addresses multiple safety concerns within the underground mining discipline. The integrated system typically offered consists of:

  • Underground and Surface Proximity Detection Systems
  • New generation caplamps including wireless and digital communication, worn by the underground worker
  • PTC miner’s caplamp (paging facility: communication between PTC caplamps and the control room)
  • Portable gas detection instruments with reactive communication up-links
  • Sentinel Handheld Gas Detection Instrument
  • Lamproom and Asset Management System
  • Reactive personnel location, distress call function and short text messaging
  • Reactive asset management and control
  • Verification and live reporting of vehicle-to-vehicle and vehicle-to-pedestrian systems deployment.

Schauenburg has designed and engineered its offering to the mines to be modular in concept and application. Any system can be easily modified to meet mine and site-specific requirements.

A key feature of Schauenburg’s MIMACS offering is its Proximity Detection System, SCAS II, providing early perimeter warning notification that gives vehicle operators and pedestrians a head start in deciding how to manoeuvre before a critical decision is required. A distinct benefit of Schauenburg’s SCAS II Proximity Detection System module above other systems offered is that the system is fully compatible to integrate with all other MIMACS modules.

Another feature of the MIMACS System is its Lamproom and Asset Management System. The LMS/AMS is a comprehensive database and software suite that offers a total management solution ensuring compliance with Department of Mineral Resources’ regulations for all lamp room operations. The system enhances both safety and security of the daily operations. An extensive variety of reports is available that include, amongst many others, a daily exception report and backup shaft clearance report. The system configuration also offers remote client access that allows management staff to generate reports from the comfort of their offices.

For more information contact us or download the brochure:

Schauenburg MIMACS Brochure 2017 (2,8mb)