CWS Caplamp


  • Compact and powerful battery pack
  • High intensity LED light source
  • Charges on existing racks
  • Low cost of ownership (full maintenance contracts)
  • Polycarbonate housing

Certification and compliance

  • SANS 1438 : 2013 compliant
  • Permanent DMR PN number awarded – PN 84 (b)
  • SANS 10177-9 and DEFSTAN (NES 713 compliant)
  • Vertical burning test passed by SGS-V2
  • MASC IS certified – Ex ia I/IIC T4

Optional upgrades

  • Personnel tracking
  • MIMACS integration
  • Active SCAS Proximity Detection radio

Technical Specifications

Rated voltage 3.7V
Rated capacity 6.6Ah
CRI Over 75Ra
Primary LED illuminating time of operation >18h (up to 24 hours)
Auxiliary LED illuminating time of operation >48h
Primary LED: Rated voltage 3.3V
Primary LED: Rated current 0.33A
Primary LED Illuminating intensity (start) ≥3000 Lux (1m distance)
Primary LED Illuminating intensity (after 11 hours) ≥2000 Lux (1m distance)
Auxiliary LED (6 PCS LED): Rated voltage 2.9V
Auxiliary LED (6 PCS LED): Rated current 0.02A
Temperature of the light source 60ºC
Life time of light source 5 years
Charging time 8–12 hours
Battery life cycle ≥500 cycles or 2 years
Battery weight ~0.15kg
Weight of the lamp ~0.5kg