Proximity Detection: SCAS II – Collision Awareness Systems

The primary purpose of this system is to ensure that the surface mining environment is safer by achieving the following:

  • Intelligent vehicle to vehicle slow down and stopping
  • Non-intelligent vehicle to vehicle slow down and stopping
  • Vehicle to vehicle detection and warning
  • Vehicle to pedestrian detection and warning
  • Operator fatigue management
  • Blind spot monitoring
  • Vehicle to vehicle collision avoidance
  • Data download and report
  • Fleet management

Achieving the above will contribute to a significant reduction in mobile machinery related accidents.

Underground ApplicationsSurface Applications

Underground Applications

Providing early perimeter warning notification can give vehicle operators and pedestrians a head start in deciding how to manoeuvre during or before the critical decision making period.

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The SCAS II Proximity Detection/Collision Awareness System uses dual band RF Technology to warn a vehicle operator that a vehicle, pedestrian and/or a fixed hazard are in one of the three configurable warning zones. The system will also indicate the orientation of the potential hazard. SCAS II can also be configured to provide vehicle interface signals such as “crawl & stop” via CAN bus. The equipment is designed for underground trackless and track bound machinery.

Pedestrians in turn will be warned of approaching vehicles as well as possible hazard areas by means of an effective LED warning device and audible alarm.

Warning events are stored on the vehicle unit as well as the cap lamp radio and selected data events can automatically be transmitted to the control room from strategic locations while the vehicle is in transit. Should the mine infrastructure not allow for automatic data downloading, information can be manually uploaded through a manual wireless interface unit.

SCAS Underground Key Hardware Components for Proximity Detection or anti-collision systems
Key Hardware Components

Pedestrian PDS (Proximity Detection System) Functionality Testing

To ensure equipment is tested and functional before entering the underground mining environment.

Pedestrian Proximity Detection System Functionality Testing

Underground Multi Purpose Unit

Proximity Detection System Multi Purpose Ranging UnitAdditional to the SCAS II peripheral hardware is the Multi Purpose Unit. The same Multi Purpose Unit can be configured for different applications/scenarios such as in areas that are deemed dangerous/hazardous, workshops where lots of nuisance SCAS II alarms can irritate workshop personnel, at brake test ramps where it is required for a vehicle driver to perform brake tests and at tip areas where tip attendants should not interfere with unnecessary PDS alarms in terms of the vehicle tipping process.

Hazard Unit
Hazard Unit: Warning beacon to other SCAS II equipment in areas that are deemed dangerous or hazardous

Tip Exclusion Unit
Tip Exclusion Unit: Is installed to create designated safe zone within a larger hazardous area, such as the area where a tip operator is allowed to stand.

Workshop Unit
Workshop Unit: Can be configured to place SCAS II vehicle systems into a discreet mode to avoid nuisance alarms.

Break Test Unit
Brake Test Unit: Utilised at a vehicle brake test ramp where it is required for a vehicle driver to carry out a brake test prior to vehicle shift operation and to acknowledge that the brake test took place.

Surface Applications

The Schauenburg Systems Surface Proximity Detection System is a vehicle and personnel tracking and collision awareness system, compatible with SCAS II underground equipment that uses advanced detection technologies and algorithms designed to save lives and reduce costs.

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Built to operate in a variety of rugged and demanding conditions, the surface PDS uses multiple technologies to create a failsafe system that increases accuracy over single technology systems.




Device communication, early detection

Time of Flight

Time of Flight

Accurate active distance measuring



Long distance proximity detection, vehicle tracking, trip analysis and vehicle path prediction



Data-log to server communication

Covered Risk Solutions

Surface Proximity Detection System Risk Senarios

Equipment Options

Surface Proximity Detection Systems Equipment Options for personnel, light vehicles and heavy duty vehicles

System Reporting

The system reporting software is clear and easy to understand, using a simple dashboard or web based mobile application, to view information.

Data is stored on a cloud-hosted server, and information available includes vehicle tracking, vehicle trip analysis, near misses and possible collision event analysis as well as general tracking.

The result is accurate, comprehensive reports that include trip playbacks, giving precise details of speed, distance, trip duration, near misses and more, assisting in an accurate analysis of your operations.

Surface Proximity Detection System (1,4mb)