PTC Caplamp

Pro-active Early Warning of personnel by means of paging can save lives by providing personnel with additional time to evacuate or move from potentially dangerous situations or areas before disaster strikes.

The Schauenburg PTC Lamp is fitted with a dual-band data radio and LCD display module that allows for user configurable text messages to be dispatched from the control room to a specific user or group of users.

The control room operators can, from the MIMACS Environmental Monitoring Graphical User Interface, be warned of dangerous underground conditions like gas build up, fires or seismic movement and communicate the threat to underground personnel in real time.The lamp supports full two way communication and personnel that are trapped or that require assistance can inform the control room of their whereabouts by using the “Distress Call” feature. The PTC Lamp offers collision warning, location monitoring and paging functionality in a single device.

Paging Interface
Paging Interface


  • Compact and powerful battery pack
  • High intensity LED light source
  • Charges on existing racks
  • Low cost of ownership (Full maintenance contracts)
  • Polycarbonate housing

Certifications and compliance

  • SANS 1438 : 2013 compliant
  • Permanent DMR PN number awarded – PN 84 (c)
  • SANS 10177-9 and DEFSTAN (NES 713 compliant)
  • Vertical burning test passed by SGS-V2
  • MASC IS certified – Ex ia I/IIC T4

Optional Upgrades

  • Personnel tracking
  • MIMACS integration
  • Active SCAS Proximity Detection radio
  • Send/receive customised paging messages

Technical Specifications

Rated voltage 3.7V
Rated capacity 8.8Ah
CRI Over 75Ra
Primary LED illuminating time of operation >18h (up to 24 hours)
Auxiliary LED illuminating time of operation >48h
Primary LED: Rated voltage 3.3V
Primary LED: Rated current 0.33A
Primary LED Illuminating intensity (start) ≥3000 Lux (1m distance)
Primary LED Illuminating intensity (after 11 hours) ≥2000 Lux (1m distance)
Auxiliary LED (6 PCS LED): Rated voltage 2.9V
Auxiliary LED (6 PCS LED): Rated current 0.02A
Temperature of the light source 60ºC
Life time of light source 5 years
Charging time 8–12 hours
Battery life cycle ≥500 cycles or 2 years
Battery weight ~0.175kg
Weight of the lamp ~0.715kg