Roxy 40

The Roxy 40 SCSR Self Contained Self Rescuer is a belt worn breathing apparatus to exit from hazardous zones. Its intended use is only in the case of emergency escapes in the event of smoke, toxic gas and oxygen deficiencies.

The Self-rescuer is a ready to use device for constant wearing underground on the waist belt or storage at the switching points placed on routes out of the danger zones.

Roxy 40 SCSR Selft Contained Self Rescuer


  • Duration time is 40 min and is therefore 33% longer than any other unit of its kind.
  • It contains eye protection goggles
  • It processes the New CSIR anti-irritating mouth piece
  • Low breathing resistance
  • Low inhalation temperature – below 50ºC – lowest between all units
  • Anti static, non conductive, durable, light plastic body – allows longer protection time
  • Belt clips separated from the body casing – change clip – not casing
  • Note: Depending on the intensity of breathing the effective time of protective action on exit from the danger zone can be increased to 50 minutes, and while breathing at rest – up to 120 minutes.
  • Weight of Roxy40 unit – 2.38kg