Proximity Detection: SCAS AI Camera

Schauenburg Systems is a leading developer of Proximity Detection Systems for mining and industrial applications. 

First manufactured South African high tech camera with Artificial Intelligence, specifically designed for mine safety/ traffic management, allowing for event management and video logging 

The 3D Vision Advantage: 

Stereo vision systems uses two cameras to create a three-dimensional image of the environment in front of the camera. The system supplies accurate distance measurements of any object that is in the field of view of the camera system. Objects are detected at distance and suitable warnings are generated to the driver. Our systems use Artificial Intelligence (AI) algorithms and can be trained to detect any objects. 

Up to 360 camera viewNo blind spots around vehicleLess accidents
Higher productivity and safety
3D Camera sensorAccurate object ranging
Safe vehicle-vehicle distance monitoring
Increase traffic management
Less false alarms
GPS for dynamic zonesSpeed control
PDS zones changes according to speed
Increase traffic management
Less false alarms
AI to differentiate objectsAI can differentiate between pedestrians, vehicles and live stock
Tag less system
Detecting pedestrians without tags
Less accidents and increase safety
Less maintenance
Level 9 capabilityAutomatic slow-down and stop Meeting legal compliance
Automated braking
Video loggingHistoric data & videoEffective incident analysis
Optional video streaming
Video display and Voice alertsVisual and audible driver feedback Increase driver awareness