SCAS Surface Proximity Detection System

Your Safety partner committed to Level 9 Compliance!

The Schauenburg Systems Surface Proximity Detection System is a vehicle, personnel tracking and collision awareness system, compatible with SCAS II underground equipment that uses advanced detection technologies and algorithms designed to save lives and reduce costs. 

Built to operate in a variety of rugged and demanding conditions, the surface PDS uses multiple technologies to create a failsafe system that increases accuracy over single technology systems.

  • Following Level 9 implementation process guided by the Minerals Council of South Africa
  • Locally designed, developed, manufactured and supported
  • Making use of multi technology tag based systems including Artificial Intelligent Camera 

Covered Risk Solutions

System Reporting

The system reporting software is clear and easy to understand, using a simple dashboard or web based mobile application, to view information.

Data is stored on a cloud-hosted server, and information available includes vehicle tracking, vehicle trip analysis, near misses and possible collision event analysis as well as general tracking.

The result is accurate, comprehensive reports that include trip playbacks, giving precise details of speed, distance, trip duration, near misses and more, assisting in an accurate analysis of your operations.

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