SCAS Underground Proximity Detection

Your Safety partner committed to Level 9 Compliance!

  • Suitable for all underground terrain (Intrinsically Safe certified)
  • Proven technology since 2005
  • Committed to Level 9 – vehicle intervention compliance in the event of significant risk
  • Vehicle-to-Vehicle/Vehicle-to-Person/Vehicle-to-Hazard detection
  • Indicate Remote Object detection based on orientation of the potential hazard
  • Proudly South-African OEM, in-house research/development and local support 
  • Data-logging and reporting
  • Making use of multi technology tag based systems and including
    a tag-less artificial Intelligent Camera system to mitigate associated
    risks and compliment your “Collision Management System”

Underground Multi Purpose Unit

Additional to the SCAS II peripheral hardware is the Multi Purpose Unit. The same Multi Purpose Unit can be configured for different applications/scenarios such as in areas that are deemed dangerous/hazardous, workshops where lots of nuisance SCAS II alarms can irritate workshop personnel, at brake test ramps where it is required for a vehicle driver to perform brake tests and at tip areas where tip attendants should not interfere with unnecessary PDS alarms in terms of the vehicle tipping process.

Pedestrian PDS Functionality Testing

To ensure equipment is tested and functional before entering the underground mining environment.

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