Noise Monitoring

Lamp with integrated Dosi

The NxDosi is a 130g device that is integrated into the miner’s Caplamp as part of his hard hat and measures the level of noise the miner is exposed to during his work shift. The Design is uniquely integrated because it is mounted to the hart hat and powered by the same battery as the Caplamp; the NxDosi is non-intrusive and safe. This also ensures that the recorded measurement data is accurate and represents the true personal noise exposure of each individual.

The recorded noise sample is automatically downloaded to a database when the Caplamp is placed on charge in the Lamproom. The NxDosi can measure and record up to a maximum of 24hours, and operates completely without user interaction, thus preventing the miner from tampering with it during recordings.

The NxDosi can be used in the prevention of heading disorders by recording and analysing the noise exposure levels experienced by an individual, it is the ideal tool to manage the amount of noise that might have an impact on the hearing of an individual in the future.

The NxDosi is safe to use underground. It weighs less than 130g and is made of a high impact resistant polycarbonate plastic. It is a Type2 class dosimeter certified to IEC61252 and is also certified for intrinsic safety level EX ia I/II T4 for underground use.

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