GDI Enviro

GDI Enviro

GDI Enviro Dual/Single Gas Instrument

A powerful handhelp gas detection instruments with many automated features.

The System offers

  • Automated logging
  • Automated retrieval
  • Information can be stored in the Data Acquisition unit or, downloaded on PC/printer in tabular or graph format.

Enviro advantages

  • Instrument is small, compact and user friendly
  • Tamper-free Data acquisition and storage
  • System can be linked to multiple data retrieval stations by network
  • Data is comprehensive i.e. Gas readings – Battery conditions – Peak readings – T.W.A. readings

Calibration statistics

  • Totally effortless – Data retrieval is automatically done via the charging unit and, recorded directly onto the Data Acquisition Unit or PC and, can be displayed in tabular and graph form.
  • Available as flammable gas or, toxic gas monitor or, combination of two gases
  • PC flagging of thresholds exceeded
  • All readings time and date stamped
  • Y2K compliant

Gas Monitor – Technical Data

Enviro instruments are designed to operate as SINGLE and DUAL gas monitors. The single gas instruments can be calibrated to react to any single toxic or flammable gas.

  • Total Modular Design for Cost effective maintenance
  • Component replacement easily carried out by semi-skilled maintenance staff
  • Instrumentation manufactured and supplied in accordance with SABS 1515 specification
  • All data completely non-volatile

Compact & Powerful

In addition to the above, the GDI ENVIRO will provide the user with the following information at the touch of a button

  • Peak/maximum gas concentration readings measured during a shift (both toxic and flammable)
  • Time weighted average (TWA) readings for C0
  • Up to 1800 readings can be logged automatically during a shift

Charging Circuit

The charging circuit is self-regulating by means of micro-processor control.


  • 12 hours of continuous and simultaneous measuring of both types of gas
  • Small pocket sized – The instrument fits easily into a breast pocket
  • Supplied with leather carry bag, fitted with a belt clip
  • Rugged polycarbonate housing
  • Large, 3 digit LED display
  • Calibration done by key- pad, (no pots, screwdrivers etc.)
  • Automatic diagnostic self-check of battery sensors and electronics
  • Automatic ZERO settings
  • Visual and audible alarm
  • Differentiated (colour coded) visual alarms for different gas readings
  • Multi alarm level settings

Download brohures:

GDI Enviro – Peripheral equipment

GDI Enviro Interlocking rev

GDI Enviro