GDI Observer

GDI Observer

The next generations in compact light weight hand held gas monitors

Features include:

  • Up to 5 gases monitoring and alarm
  • Unique RF Data transmission enables remote gas monitoring
  • Weighs 580g
  • Up to 12hrs battery life
  • Audio alarm and flashing LED’s

Technical Data

  • The design enables spatial separation of the instrument into two parts
    • a SENSING unit
    • a Display Unit
  • There is no electrical interconnection between the two units, both halves are locked and held by two pairs of strong magnets. Data is exchanged via a radio frequency communication link.
  • Communication between the two units is up to 10m (line of sight), but may vary due to underground conditions, and local legislation.
  • Operates fully without being separated.
  • Automatic self-diagnostics of battery, sensors and electronics.
  • All data is stored on board and can be downloaded via an IR channel housed in the charger.
  • Preset alarm levels for audio alarm on display unit, and LED’s flashing on both units.
  • 12 hours of continuous and simultaneous measuring.
  • Well protected against dust, moisture and shock.
  • Rugged polycarbonate housing.
  • The OBSERVER is carried in a purpose made carry bag fitted with belt clip and strap.

Observer with accessories

The OBSERVER offers remote measuring for light and heavy gases in mining tunneling and other confinded Space operations:

  1. Split the OBSERVER by applying a longitude of about 3kg
  2. The SENSING unit can be lifted or lowered to the required level, when gas levels can be read remotely on the DISPLAY unit.

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GDI Observer