GDI Sentinel (NEW)

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GDI Sentinel. Click to enlarge.

The GDI Sentinel is the latest model in the renowned Schauenburg range of portable gas measuring instruments. Its small and robust enclosure is ideally suited for the harsh South African mining conditions.
The instrument was designed and developed to be part of the Mine Wide Integrated Monitoring and Control System (MIMACS) and has the ability to transmit gas intersections to the control room in real time from the working face.

The instrument can also be used as a comprehensive stand alone product.

The Sentinel is also equipped with a passive RF Interface that makes fire patrol functionality possible based on locations being represented by unique passive tag IDs that do not require a power source. The instrument has 3 sensor ports and allows for a up to a four gas configuration with the use of a combination sensor. The 3-way alarm includes audible and visual annunciation as well as vibration alert. Capacitive touch buttons and inductive charging enhances the IP rating of the device and also eliminates ineffective battery charging due to poor contact. User testing, calibration and downloading functions are RF based and fully automated.

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GDI Sentinel Leaflet