Schauenburg Systems contributes to school upliftment

[caption id="attachment_625" align="alignleft" width="640"]Khatlamping Primary School (Left to right): Mrs. Maruma, Principal, Khatlamping Primary School; Chantal Churchill, Corporate Communications Manager, Schauenburg Systems; Raymond Mafokeng, Duty Principal, Khatlamping Primary School; Dieter Kovar, Executive Managing Director, Schauenburg Systems; Farida Akbur, Transformation Manager, Schauenburg Systems and the grade 6 pupils of Khatlamping Primary School.[/caption]


Schauenburg Systems acknowledges social responsibility as an important component of its corporate citizenship and as such believe in the sustainable development of previously disadvantaged individuals and communities.

Schauenburg Systems will therefore focus on projects and initiatives in the areas of education and training. The Schauenburg Group in South Africa regards training of its own employees as a major obligation. It also recently joined the German Chamber’s C.A.T.S. (The Commercial Advancement Training Scheme) programme. The programme is based on an integrated learning system, where students integrate theoretical studies with practical experience in the work place. The Schauenburg International – Africa Group also has a number of interns from the University of Johannesburg and Denel Dynamics who are gaining vital workplace experience in our companies.

This year three schools in the communities where Schauenburg Systems operates were identified, and an amount of R55, 000 was donated to each of the following schools for upgrading their infrastructure:

  • Khatlamping Primary School, in Tembisa: for the upgrade of the school library.
  • Edenpark Secondary School, in Alberton: for the refurbishment of the computer room and upgrade of computers.
  • Boikagong Primary School, In Rustenburg: for the upgrade of the school computers and laptops.

Mrs. Maruma, Principal of Khatlamping Primary School said with much enthusiasm, “The upgrading of the School library will be very beneficial to our students. It will enable them to do the research they need, to further their academic possibilities.”

Dieter Kovar, Executive Managing Director of Schauenburg Systems stated, “Our Company is committed to playing a responsible role in society through active corporate citizenship and social development and has a roadmap to drive transformation.”