Schauenburg Advanced Technical Support (SATS)

SATS is an extension of Schauenburg’s existing portfolio that specialise in Lamproom Management and Technical Support. It is the key to total control and management of all the products in the Lamproom of the Schauenburg/MIMACS portfolio. SATS business is based on three core focus areas: Technology, Managed Services and Management reporting. In each of these focus areas, we offer sophisticated solutions supported by specific products and services, underpinned by a quality management system.

SATS offers the services of a system integrator with comprehensive turnkey solutions including the full bouquet of multi-disciplinary services and program management methodologies required to ensure a successful and cost effective solution.

SATS’s field of expertise extends to:

  • Full Turnkey Projects
  • Operations & Maintenance Management
  • Technical Support
  • Complete Lamproom Management Solutions
  • Automated Access and Asset Management Systems
  • Auditing and Compliance Services
  • Lamproom Infrastructure Design and Layout
  • Customized Training Solutions

Operations & Maintenance Management

Miners on a rigSATS Operation and Maintenance Service (O&M) adds value to customers’ processes by offering tailored services according to each customer’s needs. The service is delivered through extensive expertise of service management, technology, process and IT systems.

The purpose of our O&M service is to enhance our client’s equipment performance, reliability and availability to enable them to remain focused on their core competencies, while relying on SATS’s expertise, capabilities and value added services.

Our O&M Services are available for all Schauenburg technologies.

Complete Lamproom Management Solutions


OEM Services:

  • Operation and management of the Lamproom 24/7, 365.
  • Manage and maintain portable mine lighting equipment i.e. cap lamps and locolites,
  • Manage and maintain self-contained self-rescue packs (SCSR),
  • Manage and maintain portable gas detection instruments (GDI’s)
  • Manage and control special equipment i.e. first aid bags,
  • Condition monitoring services of self-contained self-rescuers,
  • Manage and control of special equipment i.e. first aid bags,
  • Maintenance of lamproom infrastructure: i.e. battery charger racks, access control (turnstiles etc), time and attendance systems, gas calibration stations, workshops, management software etc.,
  • Compliance with the law and code of practice that is specific to each shaft/mine.


  • OEM producer
  • Complete understanding of DMR requirements
  • Reduced total cost of ownership
  • Directly involved with customer needs
  • Dedicated service and support infrastructure
  • High record of experience (ROE)
  • Complete range of lamproom products

Automated Access and Asset Management System

TurnstilesUsing cutting-edge software combined with innovative technology and proven hardware Schauenburg has created a means of managing both safety and lamproom equipment. Read more…

The LMS/AMS is a comprehensive database and software suite that offers a total management solution ensuring compliance with DMR regulations regarding all lamproom operations.

The system is integrated with the mine’s existing T&A database and a passive RFID solution. This allows for the implementation of business rules that would block a person from going underground if he does not have all his safety critical equipment with him.

The system can also verify that all safety critical equipment that are subjected to functional testing are in good working order before allowing access to the underground environment. Furthermore a person can be contained in the Lamproom if he does not return all his equipment after shift. The system therefore enhances both safety and security of the daily operations. An extensive variety of reports are available that include amongst many a daily exception report and backup shaft clearance report. The system configuration also offers remote client access which allows management staff to generate these reports from the comfort of their office.

Auditing and Compliance Services

SATS provides a holistic range of auditing services (based on more than 30 years of experience), from legal compliance to integrated lamproom best practices as well as quality audits. Our audit methods are unique but at the same time consistent with the latest MHSA and DMR regularities as well as in accordance with the mines “code of Practice for Lamprooms”.

Lamproom Infrastructure Design and Layout

Schauenburg offers a complete solution of the layout and design of your Lamproom. We realise that production is of core value to the mine, and the Lamproom has to be designed in such a way that miners can start and end their shifts with no interference or hold up in the Lamproom.

We address key factors such as traffic flow, entry and exit routes, work stations, asset placement and facilitate legal requirements on instrumentation within the building. To speed up the process of managing the equipment, our design gives you an easy, secure layout of your Lamproom that focuses on efficiency and practicality. We manage the process from conception until completion, and our result is a fully functional facility to accommodate all your needs. Options are also available to accommodate development phases by means of a temporary structure to address basic Lamproom activities.

TrainingCustomized Training Solutions

Sharing Knowledge with Our Customers

OEM Training

A trained workforce that leverages OEM expertise is a competitive advantage in the marketplace. Employee training is one of the most important investments a company can make. As customers acquire increasingly sophisticated and complex technology to meet their production needs, technical competence becomes more important for safe operation and maintaining system reliability.

Schauenburg answers this customer need by providing instructors that are field-seasoned experts who combine their understanding of theory with practical experience. The quality training that they provide is a prerequisite for improving the skills of operation and maintenance personnel to assure safety and superior equipment availability.