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Proximity Detection Systems for the Mining Industry

Schauenburg Systems is a proudly South African OEM of Collision Prevention Systems (Collision Avoidance Systems – CAS/Proximity Detection Systems – PDS Systems) that comply with the South African Department of Minerals Resources & Energy’s guidelines and legislation for Level 9 intervention.

We manufacture innovative mining collision avoidance systems for both underground hard rock mining operations like gold and platinum, and surface mining. These advanced driver-assistance systems help prevent on-site mining vehicle collisions & our wearable electronic tags protect pedestrians.

We also offer maintenance contracts where our personnel are on-site to conduct live monitoring. We have over 700 personnel deployed country-wide, which means we offer swift on-site support.

Additional benefits:

Get scalable, innovative solutions that give you the freedom to address specific requirements towards achieving Level 9 compliance.

With more than 4 000 systems deployed and almost 50 years of experience, Schauenburg Systems is your ideal partner for proximity detection systems.

Prevent on-site mining vehicle collisions & protect pedestrians

    Complete the enquiry form and we will contact you, or call us on 087 075 1973.

    Schauenburg Systems’ proximity detection systems/collision avoidance systems for underground and surface mining operations help prevent collisions and increase safety & production uptime. Call us on 087 075 1973, or complete the enquiry form and we will contact you.

    Prevent on-site mining vehicle collisions & protect pedestrians

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