Portable Gas Detection Solutions
 Fixed Gas Detection Solutions

Portable and Fixed Gas Detection Solutions for the Mining Industry

Innovative gas detection systems that save lives & costs

Schauenburg Systems offers locally custom-designed gas detection solutions to meet your mining operation’s requirements. Accurately measure hazardous gas concentrations and use advanced communication capabilities to provide timeous warnings to mining personnel to evacuate with our portable and fixed gas detection instruments.

We are your trusted gas detection partner, improving safety in your mining operations!

To complement our advanced technologies, we offer maintenance services with an on-site technician who monitors our equipment and the gas concentration levels in your mine. We also keep detailed records of gas concentrations for 20 years of traceability.

Choose from our wide range of portable gas detectors for on-the-move monitoring or opt for our fixed solutions which can be installed in mining sites.

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    Portable Gas Detection Solutions

    GDI Sentinel

    Measure up to 4 gases with this rugged, multi-gas detection instrument.

    GDI SmartConnex

    Effectively monitor gases in real-time with the GDI SmartConnex.

    GDI SmartWear

    Offers comprehensive mobile gas detection.

    GDI SmartWearV

    Offers easy connectivity to the range of cap lamps.

    GDI SmartWear+

    Available as a single or dual gas detection instrument.

    GDI Viro Cap MK II

    The GDI Viro Cap MKII has a robust build & is watertight for emergencies.

    Get locally designed and manufactured gas detection solutions. Contact us.

    Fixed Gas Detection Solutions


    Designed for tough mining conditions.

    GDI Fixed Gas Detection

    Easily detect toxic & flammable gases with GDI fixed detection.

    SCH Gas Detection

    Improve communication and underground operations with a robust wireless access point.

    Keep your mining personnel safe and comply with legislation with our gas detection solutions. Enquire today!

    Why choose Schauenburg Systems?​

    With more than 50 years of operational experience in South Africa, Schauenburg Systems specialises in the local design and manufacture of electronic technologies for the mining industry. Our solutions integrate turnkey communication systems. Our technologically enhanced range of portable and fixed detection systems help enhance safety, ultimately protecting personnel and improving productivity by reducing downtime.

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