Underground Mining Collision avoidance solutions

Collision Avoidance System

Schauenburg Systems believes in quality service when it comes to Proximity Detection Systems (PDS) and Collision Avoidance System (CAS) within mining environment and supplies the mining industry with a range of electronic safety systems to ensure a better tomorrow. Schauenburg’s Collision Avoidance System (SCAS) offer early notifications to both Trackless Mining Machine (TMM) operators and pedestrians to eliminate the occurrence of a Potential Unwanted Event (PUE). Potential collisions are identified and communicated as either Level 7 (TMM operator warning), Level 8 (TMM operator advisory) or Level 9 (TMM intervention). With more than 2600 deployed systems, Schauenburg offers solutions for both surface and underground mining operations and is suitable for Light Delivery Vehicles (LDV), LOCOs and TMMs. 

Equipped with 3 programmable detection zones sizes (safe, warning and critical zone) our SCAS offering can be adjusted to best fit our customer needs and traffic management plan. Furthermore, Schauenburg’s dynamic detection zone algorithm complements the production targets of our clients as PUE detection is a function of vehicle speed and eliminates the occurrence false warnings and Level 9 TMM intervention. Our fixed installation systems for both underground and surface applications fully complies with the ISO21815 standard and has successfully been tested and implemented on a variety of vehicle Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM). The portable surface Light Vehicle Basic (LBV+) system offers a Level 7 and Level 8 solution for visitors to opencast surface mining operations.