Technical Support Services

Schauenburg’s Compliance Terminal Solutions (CTS), a division of Schauenburg Systems (Pty) Ltd, identified the need in the mining industry to overcome increased scrutiny over the safety of personnel in mines and the prevention of situations that contravene the requirements of Sections 54 and 55 of the Mine’s Health & Safety’s Act (MHSA). While safety is a key concern, mining authorities have started to realise that it is not always one of their core competencies, thus making outsourcing aspects of health and safety a viable and often far safer option.

This drive has initiated the advent of advanced products and information systems that have pioneered the way for a transformation of the Lamproom function, where it was traditionally used as an “issue of lamps centre” to miners going underground. The Lamproom has evolved into a verification and safety command centre for the control and monitoring/reporting of personnel, safety equipment, legislated requirements and best practices in the mining industry.

The traditional and modest Lamproom has developed into a sophisticated “Safety Control Terminal” (SCT).

Systems within the Safety Control Terminal verify that all safety-critical equipment that are subjected to functional testing are in good working order before allowing access to the underground environment. Furthermore, a person can be contained in the Lamproom if he/she does not return all their equipment after a shift. The system, therefore, enhances both safety and security of the daily operations of personnel and equipment. An extensive variety of reports are available that include amongst others, a daily exception report on various pieces of equipment, a backup shaft clearance report as well as allocation and failure reports. The system configuration also offers remote or web-based access which allows management staff as well as mining regulatory bodies (DMR) to generate these reports from any location linked to the internet.

Schauenburg has designed and engineered its offering to the mines to be modular in concept and application. The system can be easily modified to meet mine and site-specific requirements. Schauenburg also offers a complete solution to the layout and design of the SCT. Production is of core value to the mine, and the SCT is designed in such a way that miners can start and end their shifts with no interference or hold up in the SCT.

The increasing complexity of South African mining, results in a greater need for skilled personnel in the management of the SCT and associated equipment. Schauenburg recognises the need for specialised skills in order to operate and maintain such systems. A trained workforce that leverages OEM expertise provides a competitive advantage in the marketplace and reduces the risk to the mine for operational safety. Skills development programmes have been established to ensure that site personnel are competent to accept ownership and responsibility of the requirements needed for the Safety Control Terminal.

Schauenburg’s footprint extends to all provinces locally in South Africa and provides the platform for which SATS can expand its services to cater for the specific needs of each client.

Schauenburg’s Compliance Terminal Solutions field of expertise includes:

  • Full turnkey projects
  • Lamproom infrastructure design and layout
  • Complete Lamproom management solutions
  • Operations and maintenance management
  • Technical support
  • Customised training solutions
  • Auditing and compliance services