Plexus AMP

Communication with the surface can be challenging, even in modern mines and working with a partner with decades of combined experience is vital for success. Schauenburg is proud to unveil SchauPLEXUS, a smart new leaky feeder system that expands connectivity capacity for underground mines.

Our SchauPLEXUS Leaky Feeder System has been developed by the same in-house team who pioneered the original Leaky Feeder solutions in South Africa. Over 20 years of Leaky Feeder experience is contained within SchauPLEXUS, delivering a proven and meticulously engineered product, ensuring unrivalled reliability.

With the addition of the industry-first LED indicators, the schauPLEXUS range enables instant diagnostics which displays whether signal or power is present. This allows a technician to walk down the tunnel and visually identify a fault. Then with the optional BLE-5 module installed using a phone or tablet – the technician can analyse actual readings emitted from the relevant schauPLEXUS component.

The schauPLEXUS components are locally manufactured and assembled, ensuring an unin¬terrupted supply chain.