Surface Plant Quarry Open Cast Mining Collision Avoidance Solutions

Surface Plant Quarry

Schauenburg Systems offers two Surface Plant Quarry Collision Avoidance Systems (SCAS), the portable Light Vehicle Basic (LVB+) system and the Heavy Vehicle Basic (HVB+) system. The LVB+ system is intended for daily visitors to ensure compliance prior to entering an operational site whereas the HVB+ system caters for bigger vehicles and fixed installations. The HVB+ complies with the ISO21815 standard and is classified as a full Level 9 system.

Both systems offer dynamic zone configurations and 3 programmable detection zones sizes (safe, warning and critical zone). These zones can be adjusted to best fit our customer needs and traffic management plan. Furthermore, Schauenburg’s dynamic detection zone algorithm complements the production targets of our clients as Potential Unwanted Event (PUE) detection is a function of vehicle speed and eliminates the occurrence false warnings and Level 9 TMM intervention.

These systems has been proven in open pit, surface plant quarry to be a solid solution as the system is able to display the detected remote objects in 8 quadrants around the vehicle greatly increasing operator situational awareness.

Surface Plant Quarry Open Cast Mining Collision Avoidance Solutions Infographic v1